Nick Adderley The Coward Tells Even More Lies

I will only be able to make a short post here, as there is a limit to what I can reveal in a post being read by the child rapists. However, I can reveal that I have not been incarcerated, assaulted or murdered during the past week.

Nick Adderley, the corrupt paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, has now exposed himself as a criminal and a liar even more transparently than before. I have received more documentary evidence proving, as if any further evidence was necessary, that Adderley is gratuitously abusing police powers to cover for his child murderer predecessor.

I will collect evidence, and take no further action – yet. The ball is in Adderley’s court.

More to come, no doubt.

Northamptonshire Police Corruption – Dead Man’s Switch – Public Exposure

On 20th August 2019, I was assaulted and falsely imprisoned by operatives of the child sex trafficking Secret Intelligence Service and a bent child-raping police “detective” known as Dave Scarth.

This was the opening of a blatantly fake goat rodeo involving MI6, Northamptonshire Filth and a bent firm of lawyers known as Chris BENneTt & Co., who were bribed by Chief Constable Nick Adderley to deliberately act against the interests of their own client.

The hoax was carried out as an excuse to steal computer hardware, to prevent me from publishing factual information on my other two websites, and, and also as a revenge attack for my revealing Adderley’s predecessor Simon Edens to have been the real Soham murderer.

The filth are set to attack again in mid-December, immediately after the country elects Boris Johnson as its Prime Minister. Whether the two events are connected remains to be seen, but the timing is highly significant.

I have sent a letter to the bent child raping Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Nicholas “Nick the Nonce IV” Adderley, and copied it to multiple parties. These include Ross “Dross” Marshall, a depraved thug employee of the corrupt Satanic paedophile-driven private company Ingeus (UK) Ltd, which masquerades as a “Work Programme provider”, and which usurps millions of pounds from the public purse under false pretences, and Andrew “Rape Sewer” Lewer, the corrupt black hat MP for Northampton South, whose only talent appears to be for remaining silent when his input is desperately needed.

I have also copied the letter to the Government Legal Department, and directly to the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP, the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Robert Buckland QC MP, the Lord Chancellor, the Home Secretary, and even to President Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States.

The letter is my Dead Man’s Switch. If I am murdered, abducted, kidnapped, or otherwise subjected to harm by Adderley and his fellow Satanic paedophiles, the letter will be in the hands of those directly responsible for Adderley and the whole sick, criminal mess over which he presides. When an obviously robust and healthy member of the public suddenly disappears or dies from a mysterious illness at the very same time as he is revealing corruption, child rape, and Luciferian blood sacrifices being carried out by those in authority, the reason should be obvious.

I hereby state that I am not, and never have been, remotely suicidal. I am 100% dedicated to exposing Deep State Satanism, corruption, paedophilia, organ harvesting and murder no matter what it takes, and intend to stay in a physical body for as long as is necessary. If I do die in suspicious circumstances and some bent coroner attached to Adderley’s scam says it was a “suicide”, you will know with absolute certainty that it was not.

I will also publish the letter below, as it needs to be on the public record for all to see. It also contains direct documentary evidence of Adderley’s corruption, criminality and gross malfeasance. Evidence needs to be in the public domain, so that is exactly where I will put it.

Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
Nick the Nonce Dead Man's Switch
A letter sent by myself, Andrew “Paedo Hater” Wardle, to Nick the Nonce IV Adderley, the corrupt child rapist Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police. This is my Dead Man’s Switch.

What happens next?

What happens next is, to a large extent, up to Nick the Nonce IV Adderley. It is his fake goat rodeo. He was the one who decided to allow his facility to be abused by child sex traffickers for blatantly illegal purposes. He knows the truth has been exposed and published, so how bad does he want to make it for himself?

He could just cave in and do what is legally required, which is to end the goat rodeo and return the stolen property. He will then use his contacts within the Masonic lodges and paedophile rings which control the Royal Courts of Justice and Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, and most specifically the arch criminal and Satanic paedophile Martin Nicholas McKenna, who orchestrates all of the judicial perversions carried out in Birmingham, to continually frustrate the civil proceedings which will follow.

That is only par for the course. Bent judges protect bent filth, and bent filth protect bent judges. McKenna and his fellow paedophile Ian Alexander Murdoch have already effected one gratuitous perversion of the course of justice to protect the Soham murderer Edens and to prevent me from recovering damages to which I was obviously entitled at law. Murdoch perverted the claim by making a technical judgment in my favour, and then making a malicious costs order against me for no reason to wipe out the entire award.

When the appeal went into the High Court, McKenna and Murdoch forged and falsified an order purporting to come from Business and Property Court Supervisory Judge Colin Birss. They just printed the name ‘Colin Birss’ at the bottom of the order, and did not bother to forge a signature. Of course, Colin was not in Birmingham at the time the order was faked, and a Business and Property Court judge would not be involved in an appeal against the police.

The biggest challenge Prime Minister Johnson will have upon his election in eleven days’ time is draining the swamp within Britain’s 100% corrupt judiciary. Literally every court in Great Britain remains under the control of the Deep State, and many of the senior figures within those courts are Freemasons and child rapists, and probably a lot worse. Many of the world’s most sinister paedophile rings torture, murder and eat babies and children to harvest adrenochrome, and is hard to believe that these 100% corrupt bent judges are not seriously involved.

Adderley could also go the opposite way, and proceed to a malicious prosecution even though there is no crime, nothing which can remotely be construed as being a crime, and the two degenerates who were purported to have made witness statements did not make any. Exposing the entire fraud will be easy as the evidence is conclusive and in the public domain, and Adderley will not even want to call his own purported witnesses.

However, Great Britain is so heavily controlled by the Deep State that nothing is beyond its grasp. If you can bribe and blackmail judges, as Adderly, Edens and their paedophile mate Jack Sawyer have already proven they can, all the way up to the Court of Appeal and the Master of the Rolls, they can do anything. They could even convict someone of eating a banana and get them imprisoned for life. There is no mechanism by which Deep State paedophiles can even be held accountable or brought to justice, as they control the entire system.

If I am still alive in the week starting 16th December 2019 (Happy Independence Day, Kazakhstan!), I will make another post to confirm this. If you do not see the post by 23rd December 2019, you will know that I have been murdered by the black hats, abducted, or otherwise removed from circulation. Nick the Nonce IV Adderley will be directly responsible.

Nick Adderley Suppresses Green Report – Letter Demanding Action

On 30th August 2019, I wrote to Colin Irving of Northamptonshire Police Professional Standards Department, in response to a communication I had received from one of his officers.

They told me that an investigation into the criminal and tortious activity of police officers in April 2016, when they placed multiple false entries onto police computers, smashed my door in at 1:18am, trespassed on my property, assaulted me and had me falsely imprisoned having been bribed to do so, had been completed.

Wot? No report?

Wot No Report?

Nick Adderley, the now-exposed Satanic paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, and successor to the Soham murderer Simon Edens, has ordered it to be suppressed. This is addition to ordering that I was once again falsely imprisoned on ridiculous trumped-up charges, this time as an excuse to steal my electronic equipment.

I have copied the communication below, as it challenges those responsible for investigating criminality and turpitude on the part of police officers to do something. There must be a method through which a) the necessary complaint regarding the severe maltreatment I was subjected to on 20th August 2019 can be submitted, and b) either the existing investigation into the police turpitude can be reopened or another one started.

Letter To PSD

As you can see, the filth are 100% bent, engaged in criminal activity, and colluding with Freemasons and paedophiles to harm innocent victims instead of carrying out any purported remit of the Home Office. The Satanic paedophile Nick Adderley has done nothing to clean up the stinking mess left by the Soham murderer, Simon Edens.

The greatest tragedy of all is there is no half-coherent legal system through which these criminals can be prosecuted, convicted and executed, and their assets stripped and used to pay damages to victims. The British legal system is not only100% corrupt and rotten to the core, it is also a disorganized mess controlled entirely by Freemasons and paedophiles. Bent judges cover up for bent filth, bent filth cover up for bent judges. Nothing ever gets done no matter how great the extent of the criminality and the turpitude.

This is going to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s greatest challenge in his attempt to clean up the British sewer of evil. President Trump has shown confidence in him, so maybe he can get it done. Both are aware of this present case, although they will obviously be unable to intervene. The entire future of our country, and our children, is at stake.