Nick Adderley Suppresses Green Report – Letter Demanding Action

On 30th August 2019, I wrote to Colin Irving of Northamptonshire Police Professional Standards Department, in response to a communication I had received from one of his officers.

They told me that an investigation into the criminal and tortious activity of police officers in April 2016, when they placed multiple false entries onto police computers, smashed my door in at 1:18am, trespassed on my property, assaulted me and had me falsely imprisoned having been bribed to do so, had been completed.

Wot? No report?

Wot No Report?

Nick Adderley, the now-exposed Satanic paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, and successor to the Soham murderer Simon Edens, has ordered it to be suppressed. This is addition to ordering that I was once again falsely imprisoned on ridiculous trumped-up charges, this time as an excuse to steal my electronic equipment.

I have copied the communication below, as it challenges those responsible for investigating criminality and turpitude on the part of police officers to do something. There must be a method through which a) the necessary complaint regarding the severe maltreatment I was subjected to on 20th August 2019 can be submitted, and b) either the existing investigation into the police turpitude can be reopened or another one started.

Letter To PSD

As you can see, the filth are 100% bent, engaged in criminal activity, and colluding with Freemasons and paedophiles to harm innocent victims instead of carrying out any purported remit of the Home Office. The Satanic paedophile Nick Adderley has done nothing to clean up the stinking mess left by the Soham murderer, Simon Edens.

The greatest tragedy of all is there is no half-coherent legal system through which these criminals can be prosecuted, convicted and executed, and their assets stripped and used to pay damages to victims. The British legal system is not only100% corrupt and rotten to the core, it is also a disorganized mess controlled entirely by Freemasons and paedophiles. Bent judges cover up for bent filth, bent filth cover up for bent judges. Nothing ever gets done no matter how great the extent of the criminality and the turpitude.

This is going to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s greatest challenge in his attempt to clean up the British sewer of evil. President Trump has shown confidence in him, so maybe he can get it done. Both are aware of this present case, although they will obviously be unable to intervene. The entire future of our country, and our children, is at stake.