Welcome to this site about the child rapist Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Nick Adderley.

This site is dedicated to exposing the crimes of the Satanic paedophile cabal which controls Northamptonshire Police.

Simon Edens, Former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police

On 4th August 2002, an employee of Cambridgeshire Police known as Simon Edens abducted, raped, tortured and murdered two schoolgirls in Soham, Cambridgeshire. At least, he abducted them in Soham. In all probability, he committed the other acts at or near the wooded site near Newmarket where the bodies were initially found. Their names were Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

Did Edens act alone? Extremely unlikely. Firstly, how do you abduct two girls at once if you are working alone? Secondly, Freemasons and Satanic paedophiles don’t “work” alone. That involves risk, and if a child is going to be abducted and raped, multiple Masons and paedos want to take their turn.

The bodies were buried by Edens and his accomplices in shallow graves, where they were discovered by a passing jogger. This gave the police a serious problem. They had to not only remove the bodies and destroy the evidence, they also had to find an “alternative fairy story” and a victim who could be “fitted up” to bury the case. The ideal candidate was the caretaker who had left the girls only a short time before Edens abducted them. His name was Ian Huntley.

The police removed the bodies from the shallow graves, and took thirteen hours to do so. They told the media an obvious lie that the shallow graves were “badger setts.” What is the probability that trained police officers would take thirteen hours to determine that genuine badger setts were indeed badger setts? Obviously, the answer is zero. They would not even take thirteen minutes. The fact that police officers took 13 hours to do whatever they did under cover PROVES that they lied to the media and had something they desperately needed to cover up.

The police moved the bodies to Lakenheath so that Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr could be implicated in a crime in which they had played no part. At the fake trial, the evidence of the witnesses who had seen the two girls alive at Soham War Memorial after Mr. Huntley had left them was suppressed and withheld from the trial. Tragically, Edens and the rest of the paedophiles succeeded in fitting up Ian Huntley, who has now spent 17 years in prison for a crime he obviously did not commit.

Edens Tries To Fit Up Another Victim

Edens rose quickly through the ranks of the Freemason and Satanic paedophile controlled police force, before becoming Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police. In February2016, Chief Constable Simon Edens accepted bribe money from the Satanic paedophile CEO of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack Sawyer, to have an innocent victim of bullying and abuse on a government work programme falsely imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted. The extensive background of the case can be found at https://www.ignoramus-abuse.org/.

For some reason, Edens wimped out of the malicious prosecution. However, the ability of Sawyer to bribe a police Chief Constable and to get him to act as his puppet was conclusively demonstrated. There are puppets and there are puppet masters. Edens, for all of his power as a chief constable, is only a puppet in Freemasonry and paedophilia. Sawyer is his puppet master.

When the civil case against Edens went to trial, Edens and his bent lawyers colluded with bent judges and Satanic paedophiles Martin Nicholas McKenna and Ian Alexander Murdoch to pervert the course of justice. Murdoch “stood down” the jury from a trial in which a jury was a legal requirement to prevent Edens’ involvement in Freemasonry and paedophilia from becoming public knowledge, and then gave a technical judgment and minuscule award in the claimant’s favor, before making a malicious costs order for no conceivable reason against the successful party to wipe out the entire award.

When the appeal went into the High Court, the Satanic paedophile Designated Civil Judge McKenna, who oversees all of the criminal activity and judicial perversions at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, faked an order purporting to come from Bristol-based Supervisory Judge of the Business and Property Court Colin Birss. He did not forge Birss’s signature, but just deleted the signature line from the order template and typed the name “Colin Birss.” Obviously, Colin Birss would not be making an order in an appeal which has nothing to do with business or property, and he wasn’t in Birmingham when the order was faked.

There is a lot more on Murdoch, McKenna, and the Satanic paedophile cabal which controls the court system in Great Britain here – https://www.judicialpaedos.org/

Who Were Edens’ Accomplices?

Here is a question which urgently needs to be asked – who was with Simon Edens when he abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham?

There are several possibilities. Edens may have been with other police officers when he committed the murder. Many, if not most, other police officers are Freemasons and Satanic paedophiles. Nick Adderley, Edens’ successor as chief constable, can probably (but not conclusively) be ruled out as he was employed nowhere near Cambridgeshire in 2002. How many officers followed Edens from Cambridgeshire to Northamptonshire? How many were brought over with Edens at his own insistence?

There may also have been other Freemasons and paedophiles from outside the police involved in the crimes. Jack Sawyer is a known Satanic paedophile, and has now irrevocably connected himself to Edens by paying Edens bribe money to have an innocent victim assaulted and falsely imprisoned. Why did Edens accept the bribe money? He surely can’t be short of a few bob if he is a chief constable, and anyone involved in Satanic paedophilia and child sex trafficking is certainly going to have extensive hidden resources.

There is obviously a far greater affinity between Edens and Sawyer than just a simple bribe. Where was Sawyer on 4th August 2002?

Nick Adderley, The New Satanic Child Rapist Chief Constable, Protects Edens

On 20th August 2019, Nick Adderley, the new Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, ordered detectives (not constables) to once again falsely imprison Andrew Wardle on obviously bogus, nonsensical trumped-up charges. The pantomime was carried out so that computer hardware could be stolen to prevent the victim from publishing information, and from being able to pay bills and sustain life.

The name of the Satanic paedophile directly responsible for the attack is apparently Scarth.

Adderley had carefully orchestrated the attack right from the start. Within one hour of being falsely imprisoned, Andrew Wardle was humiliated and twice threatened with violent assault, the second time by a grossly obese ugly-looking black plant masquerading as a “doctor.” There is no doubt that Mr. Wardle would have been anally raped had he not screamed and insisted on speaking to a solicitor. This request was initially refused, but upon persistence finally granted. Mr. Wardle was also refused his legal right of access to an officer of inspector rank or above in making a complaint, and was denied his copy of the custody record.

In carrying out this blatantly illegal attack, Adderley has exposed himself as a Satanic paedophile who is desperate to protect Edens. No-one would carry out this type of obvious criminal act unless they were desperate. Adderley wasn’t in Cambridgeshire in 2002, although he could obviously have travelled to the abduction site. Was Scarth? Whatever is going on, one fact is clear – both Adderley and Scarth have been blackmailed into committing criminal acts, which proves that there must be something upon which they can be blackmailed.

The clowns have even stolen hardware which would have no possible relevance to any crime, even if any crime potentially existed. They have stolen a simple cell phone which does not store date, and a USB stick which only has 1902 sheet music on it. This is obvious deliberate malice, and not even the faintest pretence of an “investigation.”

The case is ongoing and will be reported as is necessary.

If I suddenly stop posting, you will know that the clowns have falsely imprisoned me again.

If you are a genuine individual, and not a Deep State agent, a remoaner, a Freemason, or a paedophile, I wish you well.

Andrew Wardle,